Welcome to BZone

BZone is a non-commercial space for people to gather and connect; it is a hub where people working for social justice can bump into each other, where relationships can build through face-to-face encounters and community can grow.

Upcoming Events

Organize one! This is your space.

What is it for?

There are so many Winnipeggers working toward a better world for all. BZone is a place for us to work, rest, recharge and connect.

Where is it?

The 926-square-foot unit is located at 558 Ellice Avenue (near Furby).


Organizing, visiting, placard-making, radio listenings, kids’ art and cooking classes, speakers and discussions, movie screenings, potlucks, dance-offs, art shows, mix-tape swaps, theatre performances, letter writing, skill sharing, poetry readings, kids’ open mic events, silent gatherings, all ages shows, crokinole tournaments, fundraising, tea drinking.... and whatever else you and your peeps want to plan.

How does it work?

The BZone Grassroots Social Centre is using a subscription model (monthly donations) to cover rent, utilities and maintenance costs. Collecting subscription and rental fees will allow it to remain a non-commercial space. Get yourself signed up for an affordable amount, if you're not already!

Events booked in the space may be open to the public or private. Rental rates are, roughly, $50 an evening and $100 a day. Rates are totally negotiable according to budget, and may be waived.

Other ways to support the project:
  • Offer your time and expertise (renovations, grant writing, event organizing).
  • Donate quality equipment or furnishings.
  • Be ready to get involved as supporting committees form.

3 Phases of BZone

  • Basic

    The space has been opened! Walls are up, the bathroom is functional, and painting and floor work are ongoing as we tweak it. We have booked a Red Tent Safer Spaces training for key holders. Most of these these costs have been covered by donations, event rentals and fundraisers.

  • Mobility Accessible

    The bi-level space is designed to be fully accessible. There will be a fundraising campaign for the purchase and installation of a wheelchair lift. The estimated cost is $5,000 and will need to be in hand for this upgrade to happen.

  • Equipped

    The space will eventually have a certified kitchen and furnishings that support diverse use of the space (sound system, tables, and chairs). The estimated cost of kitchen equipment and furnishings is $5,000; equipping of the space has begun and will continue as money becomes available.

Keep the BZone your non-commercial, grassroots community centre by contributing money through the Indiegogo campaign (stay tuned), via email transfer, by subscription to monthly donation via credit card, or face-to-face with a member of the start-up committee.

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